Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy

Integrative Relational Psychotherapy:

For everyone that comes to see me, I aim to build a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship.  This is a place where things which are difficult to speak of can be spoken about and explored.  It's also where challenges can be made - on both sides - and the working relationship still hold together.  It's where, hopefully, real and transformational change can happen. 

My first training was a 5-year Integrative Psychotherapy course at The Metanoia Institute, and it's where I came to value and learn about the power of the therapist/client relationship.   This way of working makes our 'relational selves' the focus of therapy: the relationship between you and me, your relationships out in the world, and your 'internal structure' relationships.

If you are interested in theory, then this work is informed by Humanistic ideas (Gestalt, Person-centred, Transactional Analysis), Relational Psychoanalysis and Existential Psychotherapy.  For more information go to



Helen Lea Brighton Psychotherapist